Yoga for the Whole You

not just the parts that show up in the mirror

individual yoga that supports your healthcare goals


If you have a feeling that you need something a bit different from what a general yoga class can offer you, you’re probably right.



Prana Clinic takes a biopsychosocial approach to wellness that has been clinically proven to promote healing from all types of chronic conditions. During individual and small group yoga therapy sessions, clients build awareness of movement, breathing, and thought patterns that may be contributing to physical, mental, or emotional imbalance. Every client discovers new skills and practices that facilitate their journey to optimal health.

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Individual Yoga Therapy

1-on-1 sessions to help you meet your wellness goals. Yoga therapy is a personalized program developed with you and your health care team's goals in mind. We’ll begin with a full health evaluation and you’ll receive guidance to support continued progress at home.


Private Yoga

Just working on your practice? Private yoga sessions give you the flexibility to practice when and what you want, with more attention and opportunity to ask questions than in a class setting.



Interested in small group classes? Click below and share the type of class you’re interested in, and you’ll be the first to know once they’re on the schedule!